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General, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry

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Dr. Jones is passionate about her West Hills dental service


Keep smiling forever. Dr. Jones is at your service round the clock to help you retain your beautiful smile till the final day of your life. 

Dr. Jones is a renowned dentist in West Hills, specializing in offering cosmetic treatments and whitening, dental implants and other preventative cares. 

She is dedicated to taking absolute dental care to ensure you have attained optimal dental health and wellness. 

She has been serving the people of West Hills for more than ten years and has taken a wide array of continuing education courses to ensure better patient satisfaction.

Dr. Jones is passionate about her West Hills dental service and focused on giving her patients "comprehensive, ethical dentistry” through emergency dental care, cosmetic dentistry, dental Implants, dental restorations, dental crowns, periodontics, root canal, dental bridges, children's dentistry, wisdom tooth extraction, children's dentistry, check-ups, cleanings, teeth whitening, dentures and partial dentures, dental veneers, dental laminates and more. 

From routine checkups to cosmetic treatment till restorative care, she does all carefully in her owns hands to fix your dental issues permanently, widen your smile and improve your appearance. Whether you need sedation, family dentistry, emergency dental care, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening or a simple dental check-up, she is ready to take care. She believes "Dentistry is not about business, it’s all about service”. 

At West Hills Dental Dr. Jones strives to earn your respect and satisfaction. 

She is committed to doing the best for West Hills dental. Her sole goal has been to deliver uncompromising quality dental treatment combined with warmth, quality patient care, up-to-date technology, and personal attention at an affordable cost. 

Why Choose Dr. Jones as an eminent dentist in West Hills

.Quality dental care for the patients in the West Hills area

· Comprehensive solutions for each patient who needs better oral health.

· Transform the smiles of the patients into something bright and beautiful.

· Specialized patient care with up-to-date technology

· Quick and permanent solution to each dental issue 

· A comfortable and relaxing setting

· A wide variety of insurance plans and different payment options

· A high-profile yet affordable family dentist

Call her for an emergency dental appointment. She is ready to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile to everyone living in the West Hills area